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Mini Compression Force Sensor

D 12mm*H 6.5mm

Capacity: 100,200,500,1000N



Миниатюрный кнопочный датчик силы сжатия

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Product Features

FA103B miniature compression force sensor, made of robust 17-4 PH stainless steel, uses the high precision resistance strain gauge principle, is pressure loaded and easy to install and use.

The cable shield and the sensor housing are electrically connected to ensure interference-free measurement under unfavorable EMC conditions.

The working temperature range is -20℃~80℃.


Technical Specifications

parameter Technical Indicators
Nominal range 5,10,20,50kg
Output Sensitivity 1.5±15%mV/V
Zero output ±0.05mV/V
Creep ≤0.5%F.S.
Nonlinear ≤0.5%F.S.
Lag ≤0.5%F.S.
Repeatability ≤0.2%F.S.
Input resistance 800~1100Ω
Output resistance 800~1100Ω
Temperature Sensitivity Drift 0.05%F.S./10℃
Zero Temperature Drift 0.05%F.S./10℃
Insulation resistance ≥5000MΩ/100V(DC)
Excitation voltage 5~10V
Maximum excitation voltage 15V
Temperature compensation range -10~60℃
Operating Temperature Range -20~80℃
Safe Overload 150% F.S.
Ultimate overload 200% F.S.
Cable Wire Size φ1.2X3000mm
Product Weight 0.1kg
Material Stainless steel

Product Dimensions

Installation size



Strength mode



Wiring Diagram



Accurate measurement with matching display

The output of the force measuring and weighing sensor itself is an MV signal, which needs to be amplified and

convertedto display numerical values or output signals to the upper computer, PLC, etc.





Suitable for automotive press-fitting, automated assembly, 3C product testing, new energy product assembly, medical testing, robotics, mold assembly and other industrial testing, measurement and control systems


Associated instrument





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